Survey Highlights Urgent Need for Increased Fire Door Safety Awareness: Over 50% of UK Public Struggles to Identify Faults

A recent survey conducted by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) has underscored the need for heightened awareness of fire door safety, revealing that 57% of the UK public would struggle to identify issues with a fire door. The survey, encompassing 2,000 UK adults, indicated that while there is a high awareness of factors that could impede a fire door’s performance during a fire, the majority of individuals lack the ability to recognise a faulty fire door.

The ongoing fire door safety week campaign, titled ‘Recognise it, Report it,’ is designed to empower people to identify problems with faulty doors, facilitating their prompt reporting, repair, or replacement.

One significant finding from the survey is the prevalent lack of knowledge about faulty fire doors, leading to under-reporting. A notable 21% of respondents cited scepticism that reporting a faulty fire door would lead to any action being taken.

The study also unveiled a lack of comprehension regarding the purpose of fire doors, with 46% believing they aid in stopping the spread of fire, while 32% thought they prevent the spread of smoke. Emphasising the critical role of fully functional fire doors, the survey underscores that only such doors can effectively protect property and lives from the perils of fire and smoke, with smoke inhalation being a leading cause of fire-related deaths.

Despite a general lack of confidence in identifying problems, there were positive indications in the survey. A substantial 60% of individuals expressed a willingness to report a faulty or propped open fire door due to a sense of responsibility for potential fire prevention. Moreover, an overwhelming 86% stated their intention to report such issues in the future.

Helen Hewitt, CEO of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) which organises and funds Fire Door Safety Week, said: “Fire doors perform an essential role in the event of a fire – they are the barrier preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They simply must be in working order and keeping them so relies on everybody who encounters them to spot and report issues, so they can be immediately addressed.

“The fact that so many say they are unable or unwilling to do so is incredibly worrying and puts lives at risk. The problem is two-fold: not knowing how to spot issues, and not having confidence that concerns raised will be acted upon. As part of this year’s campaign which marks 10 years of Fire Door Safety Week, we’re giving everybody the tools to be able to recognise major fire door faults, to boost confidence over reporting them. We need to empower people to play their role in keeping the buildings they live in and occupy safe.”

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